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All kindergarten individual development survey login as we begin the process of finding a successor for Dr. Take the first step in joining our school family by registering your child.

Completion of a registration packet and making an in-school visit appointment are both done online. Read More about Kindergarten Registration Now OPEN! Please obtain a new license from your software vendor. Welcome Welcome to web site of The Magellan Academy, chosen by parents in a recent survey to be the Best for Families Overall, the Best Childcare Centers, the Best Private School, and the Best Day Camp. Please allow us the opportunity to show you how enrolling your infant, toddler, pre-schooler, or elementary school child is the single greatest way to ensure your child is safe and secure, nutritionally well-fed, and given the gift of academic excellence. Magellan Christian Academies focus on building solid spiritual, emotional, and organizational foundations that will be essential in your children becoming succesful adults.

Year after year, The Magellan Academy is singled out for delivering on its promise of providing the very best in child development and private school services. The Magellan Academy is unabashedly Christian. Christian values and traditions are taught to the children. The Magellan Academy believes that to attempt to educate children without providing a moral compass is like setting a ship to sea without a rudder. However, The Magellan Academy is not a theological institute. It is for-profit and therefore pays its share of taxes. The Magellan Academy is learning based.

Play is part of all children’s early years, but The Magellan Academy does not program play time for the sake of play only. All activities at The Magellan Academy are conducted with an expressed purpose in mind. Even playground time is designed for gross and fine motor skill development in addition to developing eye-to-hand coordination. Academically, children are like sponges in like they will soak up all the learning that can be presented to them.

State governments are charged with the responsibility of overseeing licensed child daycare centers and ensuring that they comply with state law. Licensed centers are inspected at regular intervals, some on a quarterly basis and some on an annual basis. Their inspection sheets are multiple pages long and the requirements are extremely stringent. The inspectors are highly trained and experienced and know what they are looking for.