Knitting for kids video lessons for free

I’m afraid it’s still a simple shrug. Meanwhile back knitting for kids video lessons for free Chicago Knit 1 lives on!

My dear friend and unofficial partner of 4 years Lynn Coe has taken the reins and is currently revamping to really take the store to the next level. Knit 1 Chicago Keep on supporting a great local small business! This was a shrug I did for the store window a couple years back. I had forgotten about it but was going through things to pack up and thought I would resurrect it. It’s a simple shrug with a couple more advanced techniques thrown in to make it challenging.

36″ slightly stretched, if you want longer sleeves cast on extra stitches. This piece is worked until it can circle your upper arms. Theresa Vinson Stenersen has a good tutorial on knitty. Begin short rows: short rows assistance if you need it.