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Please forward this error screen learn elearning sharedip-10718050185. We have the most intuitive, modern user experience available today. Meaningful We surface learning recommendations, personalized to every individual’s needs and preferences, to keep people engaged in continuous learning effortlessly.

Accessible Engaging and responsive mobile design and notifications make it easy for every role to engage with the learning they need on-the-go or from remote locations, whether online or offline, to ensure learning is prioritized and accessible when and how people prefer to consume it. Learning Anywhere, Any Time, On Any Device Give your employees a personalized learning experience, right on their mobile devices. Equip every role in your organization with their own configurable view into the actionable insight and priorities that are most important to them, to ensure actions impact growth. Enable Knowledge Acceleration through Collaboration Empower informal learning by providing learners a complete set of tools and communities of practice to collaborate and share knowledge around any topic or activity.

Extended Enterprise: Optimize the Customer Experience and Drive Revenue through Extended Enterprise Today, your organization can take learning beyond the four walls and provide training to learners outside of your company. Deliver a Superior Experience to your Extended Enterprise. Don’t leave money on the table, when done right your learning programs can both generate revenue and impact growth. Month over month more than half of our employees come back, so it’s not that just hit it once and get the compliance training, they really see the value of it. Maya is your guide in learning about legal issues for private foundations. Each course takes less than an hour. You can stop part-way through, and return at any time.

Share any course with your partners. Subscribe to learn when new courses are added. Deloitte has developed high quality e-learning modules on IFRS to help users develop their knowledge and application of the basic principles and concepts of the IFRSs and IASs. The IFRS e-learning modules are available free of charge and may be used and distributed freely by those registering with the site, without alteration from the original form and subject to the terms of the Deloitte copyright over the material. Complete the simple registration process below to access the IFRS e-learning. For information, contact Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities.

These courses provide foundational prevention training. Users who are new to prevention should complete all courses within this section before moving on to more advanced topics. These courses and materials provide intermediate level information about various topics, designed for preventionists who are familiar with these ideas. Courses and materials in this category provide information suitable for preventionists who have a great deal of experience with the topical material. National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. These essays are graded once a week and an email is sent to the user with the grade. If you are in more immediate need of your certificate, please email ashley.

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