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Remember meeting up learn for kid online friends can be dangerous. Be SMART on the internet and on mobile phones.

Always check more than one site when you’re looking for info online. If anything goes wrong online or upsets you make sure you tell someone about it. I only chat on the web with people I know – no strangers! You can teach your parents and teachers about being smart with their money. There are some great lesson plans for each one of these games that they can read! Just visit the Grown Ups page for download links.

My friend Toki has been teaching us financial lessons that her rich dad taught her! Click on one of the games and learn how to be smart with your money. Copyright 2010 The Rich Dad Company. Lots of ideas to help your child learn. This website is packed full of ideas to help your child learn every day!

Why am I on this site and what can I learn? Search the site for anything you may be looking for? Please forward this error screen to 192. What makes a mammal a mammal, or a bird a bird? Click on the buttons to learn more!

Learn more about special topics that separate the different kinds of animals! Please forward this error screen to 192. The Kids’ Science Challenge is now closed for submissions. Please explore the resources, such as KSC Science Careers, KSC Games, KSC Videos and KSC Activities!

The Kids’ Science Challenge is chock full of inspiring videos, fun games, and downloadable hands-on science activities. Our Science Careers pages provides resources for future scientists from elementary through college. 2017 WAS A VERY EXCITING YEAR FOR EFK! Learning for Kids Honored as a Top 10 Educational Website for 2017 by the Homeschool Community.

960 ONLINE digital lessons have been taken. Have you ever visited a Llama farm? Meet Pablo and help him with addition and subtraction problems at the Llama farm. Linda helps her father count deer and wild dogs in the African Wild Park.