Learning to draw children with cerebral palsy

Please forward this error screen to 64. Please forward this error screen to 198. There’s no one better to describe the special care St. Louis Children’learning to draw children with cerebral palsy Hospital provides than our patients and their families.

They can tell you not only about their medical problems, but also about the concern, comfort and expert treatment they received at our hospital. At age 10, Israel Westbrook is an active kid who loves playing outside. He’s also a child with asthma and allergies that, if left untreated, would greatly hinder his ability to play—and even land him in the Emergency Room. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, one of Adiba Islam’s most recent masterpieces tells a story about strength, courage and beauty. Diagnosed as an infant with the inherited blood disorder beta thalassemia major, Averie had been receiving blood transfusions about every six weeks for most of her life.

Gabby Carter, 7, underwent a cord blood transplant at St. One year later, she shows no signs of sickle cell disease. Thanks to a stem cell transplant, he’s a happy, healthy child. To witness a miracle is one of life’s rarest and most extraordinary blessings. Stevie’s journey began in 2003, when she noticed a painful bump on her head. Anthony Bechelli’s heroes are musicians like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.

He’s a musician who appreciates the classics. When Brandon Dennis was diagnosed with a brain tumor at five-years-old, the last thing on his parents’ minds was his hearing. After brain surgery, two years of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation, the cancer went away. But slowly, in the years that followed, Brandon’s hearing also began to go away. She was giving herself a pedicure—and kept missing her toes. Then she noticed a bit of double vision when she watched television.

In 2014, Charlie North became the first pediatric patient to receive proton therapy on the medical center campus. Proton beam therapy is a highly accurate form of radiation therapy used to treat tumors near vital organs with greater precision, minimizing exposure to other organs and healthy tissue. Kailey may be fighting a high-grade glioma, a very aggressive form of brain tumor, but today, she’s more interested in fighting the urge to dance! If you ask Leah Biskup, she’ll tell you she’s an ordinary teenager — studying for mid-term exams at St. Louis University, hanging out with friends and carrying out the daily social rituals of a 19-year-old from University City.

When a prenatal ultrasound revealed that Sara and Aaron Trombley’s unborn son had congenital vertical talus, they already knew where they would go. Just 18 months earlier, their firstborn son, Ashton, was born with the same foot deformity. Even before Alexis was born, she was diagnosed with a foot deformity known as clubfoot. Her parents sought treatment with pediatric orthopedic specialist Dr. Colin was diagnosed with clubfoot the day he was born. Colin was treated immediately with no relief. Louis Children’s Hospital, who specializes in bracing to correct clubfoot.

Ethan’s journey with clubfoot began when he was diagnosed with clubfoot in the womb. He was just ten days old when he began treatment with Dr. Like his mom, Sam was born with the foot deformity known as clubfoot. But after her experience with painful surgery as a child, Allison decided to bring Sam to pediatric orthopedic specialist Dr.