Lee school uniforms boys

The Chavs are bored so instead of lee school uniforms boys to their next lesson they break into the staff room to have some fun. Emma-Claire’s mouth Rosie manages to spill it everywhere which results in the girls stripping naked.

Rosie are in detention for flashing their boobs at each other in class. Left alone the girls soon realise the boys in the school opposite are watching them, so they move closer to the window. Rosie are skiving their lesson and have sneaked outside for a cheeky cigarette. Not caring who sees them they take off their tank tops, unbutton their skirts half way then pull down their bras to flash their gorgeous breasts at each other, and of course anyone else who is watching! Rosie is in detention and she is soon bored of writing lines. Noticing the boys from the all boys school out the window she thinks it would be far more fun to flash them!

First she flashes her sexy bra then strips off her top and bra so she can flash them her big breasts! Then she even strips off her skirt, pulls down her pants, and pulls a bare bum moony! Rosie have been left alone in a detention. This is not the best idea given their reputation and Emma-Claire uses the opportunity to get out her secret vodka she keeps for such an occasion. As they both drink they get more and more carried away and cannot help stripping off all their uniforms leaving them in just their stocking. Rosie have been ordered up to the dorms but true to form they cannot help stopping half way up the stairs and behaving badly.