Lesson of drawing by gouache for children 4 years

Please forward this error lesson of drawing by gouache for children 4 years to 64. Of course, everyone reaches an age when they notice a conspicuous slowing down in energy levels, shopping bags seem a lot heavier and climbing stairs become more difficult. Whatever the reason, why is it that young people today regard OAPs as having nothing to say that’s worth listening to?

I’m talking about the calamitous affects of mass immigration, the chronic abuse of our foreign aid budget, the grubby world of politics and dodgy Eurocrats who make up the rules to suit themselves. Now in our Seventies, our eyesight and hearing might not be what it used to be, but the memories we have of train spotting are still intact, and so too is our weakness for seeing the funny side of growing old. A sense of humour helps to cope with the daily struggle of getting a pair of shoes on the correct feet every morning or remembering to zip up my flies before popping out to the shops. Fast-forward 50-odd years and the ageing process does have its advantages – it gives us a chance to draw on feelings that we were unable to express as small boys. That’s why this website is pitched in a light-hearted fashion. After all, the hobby cuts no ice in today’s hard-nosed society and this is especially the case at the parties I’m invited, where the people I meet are constantly looking over my shoulder in case someone more interesting enters the room.