Letters for toddlers

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718051230. Dear Timothy James, your recent dude trip to fish, play, and letters for toddlers not only had me belly jelly but excited every time my phone would blow up with trout pics.

Ps- if I grow a beard can I come next time? Dear BBRAAPE, you’re getting so close. PATAGONIA’S BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! You can thank me later with some fist pumps and leg kicks. Click on the image above for the sale link!

I’m thankful we have some weekend fishing adventures ahead of us. Where are you traveling this spring? Tonight we celebrate 4 classes down, 1 to go. We’re in the homestretch of my nursing pre-reqs! Couldn’t do it without the support and encouragement from this guy. Love you more than all things endocrine, sweet Tim.