Like when u see it funny

An ad for The Paris Hilton Presidential Campaign. Paid for by Funny Or Die. Male Voice: Old enough to remember when dancing was like when u see it funny sin. Male Voice: And beer was served in a bucket.

Male Voice: But is he ready to lead? I’m like totally ready to lead. Paris Hilton: Oh, Maui, loves it. Paris Hilton: hybrid and electric cars.

I’ll see you at the White House. I’ve been grinding for a good translation here on translationparty. I will start my English work very, very soon. Drop that zero and get with the hero! They expect one of us in the wreckage brother. Yes I am real man totally not cow want to go skateboards?

Egg always translates to something other than egg, like not an egg. My Taco Bell is really turning my bowel into a scene from Sharknado! I just have a bad case of youareasickcuntitis, a rare allergy, that is. This perfume is a nice scent. The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.

The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. A combination of the words fabulous and fantastic. Mildly offensive name given for a miserable looking person. Facial hair, such as moustache or beard. Also less commonly heard, face like a bulldog chewing a thistle. I don’t think I’ll ask her out, she’s not my type and she’s got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.

Phrase that can be finished with any of choice of words, however common ones include clog, sofa, and arse, meaning very ugly. He’s definitely no George Clooney, with a face like a busted clog. Also heard used with smacked instead of slapped. It wasn’t that he had a face like a welder’s bench, but more the fact that he dribbled saliva when he spoke. You’ve got a face like a wet weekend. The ejaculation of semen on a sexual partner’s face.

Possibly a corruption of vadge, an abb. If you stop faffing and let me finish doing this job, then we can go out to the cinema sooner, rather than later. It’s such a faff having to go through the process of interviews when you know you are the only candidate worthy of the job. A person who fusses, or dithers. Its use isn’t prevalent in Britain.