Magazines for mom

Pregnancy is a time when you need magazines for mom medical support and attention. However, you can’t call your doctor up at three a.

Pregnancy magazines can become your go-to guide to pregnancy and motherhood. Such magazines offer many tips on how to get through the early days of childbearing. Mommies can even learn about the changes in their body and what to expect once your bundle of joy is in their arms. Earlier, magazines on pregnancy were a rare thing, but today, the sheer number of choices makes it difficult to choose one. But, Momjunction has made the task much easier for you. Fit Pregnancy is a bi-monthly magazine covering topics like psychology, exercise, nutrition, beauty, fashion and health issues associated with pregnancy. In addition to giving advice on the best foods to eat and workouts suitable for pregnancy, the magazine also offers a pregnancy and ovulation calendar to help you plan your birth.