Magnetic drawing boards for kids

This portable travel bed is wonderful for toddlers! Tell them that this money is for snacks, treats, souvenirs etc but when it is gone, that is all there is. Help them learn to budget their money and make magnetic drawing boards for kids choices.

Give your kids an opportunity to have their own copy of a map of where you are going. Show them how far you have come, how much further there is to go and let them mark it with a crayon. Every time they ask “How much further? You might also like to get a compass and show them how it works along with the map. Draw your own that has the major stops and cities, and a nice happy drawing for your final destination. Throw in a few simple drawings of landmarks you’ll see along the way, such as a big bridge you’ll or a mountain tunnel. A home made map is easy for kids to follow and gives them a clearer picture of how much further there is to go.

If your kids are old enough and it’s a trip that you take frequently, have the kids make their own map! One child holds out his hand and closes his eyes while the other child “writes” on his hand with her finger. The first child has to guess what the second person is writing. Start with just letters, andd if it gets too easy, play with 2 or 3 letter words, pausingĀ  between letters. There’s no winner or loser with this game. It can just go on continuously!

The weirder the gum the better. Get it at the rest areas and try all the different flavors. See if you can get all 50 states between Memorial Day and Labor Day. You might even record the time and date and the state where you saw it. This can be a family project as you build your “collection” of license plates together.