Materials for preschool education

The name Montessori is materials for preschool education legally protected, and unfortunately can be used by anyone without oversight. It is vital that, in the search for a good Montessori school or teacher-training center, one be aware of this. The International Montessori Index was created to provide detailed comparative information on costs, training time and requirements, etc.

All member Montessori training centers, organizations, and materials suppliers present her their specifics details. Montessori training centers and organizations throughout the world are welcome to become members of The International Montessori Index. Please to the correct continent page and look for the application at the bottom of that page. The International Montessori Index is completely supported by its members and accepts no commercial advertising. FINDING A SCHOOL or TEACHER TRAINING COURSE: The International Montessori Index is not sponsored by, or officially connected with, any specific Montessori school or training center.