Math for kids 5 6 years GEF

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As parents know, we have begun PARCC testing in our elementary schools and in the middle school. Showing posts 1 – 3 of 3. There are members of society that are so totally despicable that words cannot fully describe them. The criminal behavior of countless agencies and organizations is a reflection of the epidemic moral depravity that runs through their ranks. So many have long since sold their honor for a paycheck and a pension.

Our will and our morality is all that any of us truly owns, the rest can be taken. A little girl takes a photo of the toxic skies above Lhasa, Tibet. We who are awake and aware must make every effort to expose the people and agencies that are engaging in the mental corruption and conditioning of our children. In the short 5 minute video below, deplorable material from Common Core and NASA is addressed, and the documents in question are shown. Inexcusable transgressions like those just outlined in the video cannot be overlooked. The public email contacts of responsible parties should be posted and displayed everywhere possible.

Such people must be placed on notice that we, the populations of the world, are NOT OK with their behavior. Thank you, Dane, for all you do to provide the truth amidst all the b. For a very revealing history lesson about the social programming children and all of US are under via public education and other tentacles of what Cara calls The Predator, I recommend reading: Dangerous Imagination: Silent Assimilation by Cara St Louis. Turn off your cell phones and TVs. Say NO to the old paradigm. Say YES to BEING a human being.

To be honest I really think that the majority of people don’t mind being dumbed down, only because most people don’t even realize it is happening. The fluoride in the water sure keeps everyone in check. Along with the Chemtrail Activity it is a perfect mix to do the intended job that it is doing. Everyone just going around doing their normal day activities and being oblivious to everything that is going on. They think it is just Peachy Keen.

It just couldn’t be any nicer or sweet then that! We are about to literally blow away here, crap I’m holding on to my personal thing about me from within, prayer you know. Over 60 miles per hour, bad and not normal. I think we are most assuredly being picked on down here, HAARP, SAG-SRM, ETC.

To Marc from the Southwest, N. These people are possessed no doubt with all their evil. The other day at work the skies were so saturated I thought surely the people everywhere were going to mutate before my eyes. Surreal, but the surreal-ness of it all is that no one is noticing.

Well, one co-worker finally did, I think. I didn’t say, “Look up,” though we were standing outside. I brought up that I had been researching climate engineering for up to 3 years when she said they were jet-trails. This is a very smart woman. Therefore, like children, more susceptible to the ‘elements’ in the air.