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403 ERROR The request could not be satisfied. When I was a kid, I loved learning about patterns. There was something super thrilling about being able to predict math for kids photo came next. Activity that combines my love of patterns, color, and math!

We’re making some groovy Number Chart Art! Number Chart Art- Practice number recognition, patterns, addition, subtraction, and multiplication all while making beautiful works of art! This post contains some affiliate links. I designed this chart up to 25 because I did the activity out with my preschooler.

You can certainly make the numbers go higher too. Here’s how you make Number Chart Art with kids of ALL ages and abilities! I handed him an assortment of stickers. Then, I named random numbers and he placed stickers on them. After I named all the numbers, a lovely, colorful piece of art emerged.

You can see more examples of this Number Chart Art Activity here. When you’re done, have someone else try to guess the rule that was followed! Or, I’m sure you can think of making math art another way! Here are some of the many ways that we created our very own Number Chart Art!

Let’s Make Number Chart Art- Combine math and art with this fun activity! Can you guess the rules I used to create this artwork? Fun Kids Math and Art Activity- Help your child practice their math skills while making beautiful works of art! We really enjoyed trying this activity out as a family! It’s amazing how relaxing finding multiples of numbers can be! Sometimes math gets a bad rap for being boring and methodical.