Mathematics game for preschool children

Please forward this error screen to 158. FREE Ladybug Addition Doubles Practice Game – this is such a cool math mathematics game for preschool children to help kids memorize addition facts to achieve math fluency in preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade.

While I am generally not a proponent of memorizing math facts, there are some facts that are important and helpful to know because they aid students in problem solving strategies and form a solid foundation for later learning. When working on addition, knowing and easily recalling the doubles addition facts helps with number sense and fluency, and can then be used to solve harder problems. The first pages in this download are cute ladybug matching cards, because practicing by playing games is so much more fun! To set it up, simply print the cards on card stock or scrapbook paper so they are not see through and then laminate for durability. Then cut out the cards and you’re ready to play!

To play, simply lay the cards out in rows, face down. Players then take turns flipping two cards. If they find a match between a ladybug and a math equation, they must solve the problem. If they do not solve the problem correctly, they must replace the cards. Players take turns looking for matches and solving the problems until no cards remain.