Meaningful play for kids

Partnering with families for over 17 years. Meaningful play for kids Children’s Center provides children with a safe, loving, engaging, interesting, respectful and nurturing environment in which they can grow and develop happily. We are proud to be labeled as one of the best nurseries in the region.

Education and development are important, but we know that nothing matters more than the safety, security and health of your child. Mealtime is a time for learning about nutrition, hand-washing procedure, table manners, conversations and motor skills, as well as, an opportunity to try new food. Creating a life-long love of learning! All meals are now included at no extra cost! Our Mission Statement    Creative Kids Preschool provides affordable, high quality  education for children three to six years old, with part time and full time enrollment options. We teach the necessary skills needed to be ready for kindergarten by fostering intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth. It is our goal to provide engaging and interesting learning experiences with attention to different       learning styles.

We believe that young children learn best through experiences that are meaningful, interesting, and interactive in which they can connect learning in the classroom to their individual lives. We believe it is essential for children to have a positive learning environment that is accepting of them and their families and in which children have many opportunities for growth and personal expression. The role of the teacher in children’s learning is to support children in all areas of development, including intellectual, physical, social, and emotional while providing an interesting, safe, and stimulating learning environment. Teachers support children in their accomplishments and during their struggles, and are invested in the best interests of each child.