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Young Parent Program Review Published: December 2017 Methodology of acquainting with nature children of preschool age report provides a program review of Catholic Family Services St. Martin’s Manor and the Salvation Army Grace Haven.

Funded by: Catholic Family Services St. Hamilton’s Social Landscape Bulletins: Poverty and Persistence Published: April 2017 Using new taxfiler and longitudinal data from Statistics Canada, these bulletins explore trends in poverty in Hamilton. Transit Ridership and Funding Trends Published: February 2017 Presentation about transit data to help inform Hamilton’s City Council in their deliberations about the municipal budget, including HSR and the 10 year transit strategy. Neighbourhood Profile: South Mountain Published: September 2016 Kiwanis Homes Inc. Hamilton’s Social Landscape Bulletins: Demographic Shifts Published: September 2016 Using a variety of data sources, the Demographic shifts series of Hamilton’s Social Landscape bulletins explore differences between older and younger generations to uncover trends in a range of demographic characteristics of Hamilton’s population. Positive city to work, live, learn and play. Tastebuds’ Infographic Published: May 2016 Created for distribution at Tastebuds’ Feast on the Farm fundraiser, held on May 26, 2016.

Money for Nothing, Debt for Free: Is the payday loan industry cashing in on Hamilton’s rise in precarious employment? This report includes an overview of the clinics and the challenges associated with voter identification requirements, as well as recommendations for future clinics. Leonard’s Society of Hamilton Report to the Community 2016 Published: January 2016 This report updates the community on the vision and values of the St. 2015 Federal Election Bulletins Published: September 2015 The federal election is on October 19, 2015. Use Canada Votes to help spark dialogue about social issues in Canada and put them on the public agenda. On October 19, 2015 Canadians will come together to choose the direction of policy in this country for the next 4 years.

Democracy works best when citizens engage in dialogue about the society in which we want to live. Canada Votes is a tool to help spark dialogue about social issues in Canada. Social planning organizations across the country are helping to strengthen communities and work on social justice issues. We also recognize the need to work together around key issues affecting our communities.

We have come together to provide this publication on the federal election because we believe that democracy works best when citizens engage in dialogue on important issues. Click here for reference materials and additional language translations. Hamilton’s residents experiencing homelessness surveyed on downtown streets were Aboriginal. Profile of Hamilton’s Aboriginal Residents Published: April 2015 This short report gives overview of demographics of Hamilton’s Aboriginal residents in other to better understand this important community. Profile of North Hamilton Published: April 2015 This Profile of North Hamilton describes the trends and conditions within North Hamilton, including the North End and Keith neighbourhoods.

Violence Against Women Services in Hamilton: Mapping Community Assets Published: April 2015 This Resource Map provides an inventory of Violence Against Women Services in Hamilton. Hamilton’s Vital Signs report for example, that rents have risen by over four percent in one year and rental vacancy rates have dropped to an unhealthy level of 1. 8 percent, foreshadowing a looming housing crisis. Many Hamiltonians still struggle to secure basics such as safe, affordable housing, secure jobs and an income above the poverty line. Leonard’s Society of Hamilton Program Evaluation Published: July 2014 This report conducts an evaluative review of client satisfaction, an evaluation of program results and an overview of best practices for the services of the St. The Bridge: From Prison to Community Published: April 2014 This evaluation gathered the stories of men who had some level of engagement with discharge planning offered by The Bridge upon release from the local Detention Centre. Neighbour 2 Neighbour Building Better Futures Project Evaluation Published: April 2014 This report provides an evaluation of the Building Better Futures program run through the Neighbour 2 Neighbour Centre.

Supporting Our Sisters Published: November 2013 This report is about services to help homeless women in Hamilton, including statistics on the first 18 months of the Supporting our Sisters project in partnership with the Women’s Housing Planning Collaborative. The Rich and the Rest of Us Published: October 2013 This report describes how the unfairness of inequality is damaging both our economy and our society, provides Hamilton specific data about income inequality and poverty, and highlights ways that these trends can be reversed. This plan will guide will ensure that everyone in Hamilton has a home. STAR Tenant Consultation Report Published: April 2013 Change provides an opportunity to become more responsive. Landscape report and bring attention to more recent trends.