Methods of adaptation of children to kindergarten

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Rodrick and Greg’s mother, Susan Heffley, makes an effort to have them bond by going in their bedroom and doing some things together by using her methods called “Mom Bucks”, but it makes things worse as Rodrick cheats her system. At school, the teacher treats Greg as a bad kid and immediately dislike Greg because Greg’s related to Rodrick much to Greg’s dismay. However, Rodrick does the opposite, and throws a party. Though, this party causes Rodrick to be more friendly and open towards Greg. The next morning, Susan calls and says that they will be home in one hour.

Greg finds out that the replacement door doesn’t have a lock like the last door. Rodrick convinces Greg to deny everything as their parents arrive. Susan however, later slowly began to discovers the difference and questions the two brothers. One night, they are finally exposed when their father Frank Heffley comes across photos of the party and the Heffley’s reputation is ruined again, and no one will support Susan’s articles about siblings bonding anymore. Greg and Rodrick both get grounded, which includes Rodrick not being allowed to participate in the school talent show. The next day, to humiliate Greg, Rodrick reads and steals Greg’s diary — in which Greg has written about his crush on Holly — and attempts to hand it over to Holly.