Methods of mental math for children

Whether it’s basic addition facts, adding four and five digit numbers, or even fractions,addition math games add a spark to learning math! Methods of mental math for children many times have you seen a child adding by counting on their fingers.

This is fine when they are just learning. This fun activity builds addition skills with an egg carton, dice, and jelly beans! Most every kid enjoys a good game of checkers. Especially if they have a choice between that or math worksheets. The second set of game cards helps kids learn addition up to 24. Here’s a fun math board game that builds addition and subtraction fact skills.

The player who fills their opponents sid eof the board with their markers is the winner. Get to practicing those addition facts with this exciting and interactive addition game. Moon launch his rocket by answering addition facts correctly! Finish the 3 levels and the rocket takes off to the moon!

Here’s a fun activity for learning addition facts. Help Wade get in shape for soccer season. Can you get him ready to play first string? Keep Wade off the bench by getting your math answers correct. Just pick the addition fact to practice. When you answer correctly, Dino the Dinosaur earns a new dance move!

Every eight problems that are answered correctly, Dino does a new dance move. At the end, create your own dance sequence celebrating addition. All you need is three dice and the dice chart that that you can print off for free. Kids get a kick out of rolling dice and get practice mentally adding three numbers at a time. Here’s a great game that kids will love to play. They will get a chance to practice their addition facts up to 10. They can also play the subtraction fact version as well.