Methods of teaching gymnastics to children

Please forward this methods of teaching gymnastics to children screen to 69. Have you ever wanted to take a glimpse inside someone else’s homeschool journey? The reason I have combined these grades is my younger children are only 13 months apart so I homeschool them together.

I also grouped two of my older children together while homeschooling since they are only a year and a half apart. For the early grades, I individually teach phonics, reading, and math unless it is a concept they both are developmentally ready to learn. All the rest of the subjects I teach together. Since I group grades together, I pay little attention to “grade levels” on curriculum, which were originally created by publishing companies to make more money.

When I sit down to plan my school year, I focus the majority of my teaching time on the basics and use an organic approach to learning. Don’t become a slave to it and let it cause you stress. I allow plenty of gaps for those teachable moments and for breaks when my children or I may need them. I also make changes during the year if needed. Recognize that God’s plans may be very different than your plan. Your plan may look perfect on paper, but remind yourself often that His plan is always the best. Know it is okay if only some of your goals were reached.