Methods of teaching swimming to children of school age

Thanks to all of his awesome swimming instructors! Limbani, K really enjoys swimming with you guys. Thank you for taking methods of teaching swimming to children of school age time with him and treating him like an individual.

He recognizes that you respect him and take the time to get to know who he is. British Swim School is the best swimming school to get your child started on the water. Wonderful instructors and small groups were the perfect combination to help my daughter learn from survival strategies to her first strokes in just a couple of lessons. She is a strong swimmer now!

There’s Nothing FISHY about this Great School! My son Angel has been one of Miss Rachael’s students for almost a year. He can be stubborn and strong willed but she knows just how to get him to perform and how to progress. We genuinely love coming to each and every class and growing along with this great school! We signed up our 4 year old because we wanted her to have more confidence in the pool.

Excellent Instructors, very patient with kids. Thank you for teaching our daughter! My son is about a year and a half old and has been swimming with BSS in Elmhurst since 4 months old. Our tadpole class was always so fun and adventurous thanks to an enthusiastic Coach Anthony. When we were welcomed into Young Minnow, Coach Nancy quickly won him over and has been an unbelievable coach.

I’m amazed that he is now floating on his own and continues to make progress with the basic swimming skills each week with her guidance and encouragement. My daughter started back in July of 2016. She was a little nervous to start her class because she didn’t like water on her face. She has just the right firmness to inspire children towards progress, yet balanced with just the right sensitivity to their needs and fears.

My daughter had a difficult time when she transition to the next level. Coach Sarah worked her magic and Chloe was back on track within 1 session. Coach Sarah took the time to speak to Chloe and understand what was holding her back. Hello, My 6 year old, Sammy, has weekly classes with Mr. Michael on Saturdays at the LA Fitness on Quince Orchard. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful instructor Michael is.

He is so sweet with the kids, and friendly and polite with the parents. British Swim School is by far the best swimming school I have ever experienced with my kids. My daughter, who was always afraid of water, lost her fear and learned how to swim very fast. My baby boy also has been learning so much already. My little 2 year old absolutely ADORES British Swim School! They are so great with kids.