MK painting for kids

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If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Please forward this error screen to 104. Please forward this error screen to 67. After placing a Wanted ad on the MG enthusiasts a nice chap by the name of Alistair Shaw got in touch to tell me of a completely restored shell lurking in Suffolk.

The shell had no V5 but was complete and in very good order, with new front and rear suspension and an Ashley fibreglass front end. Plan was to reuse as much as possible, given that most of the mechanicals and ancillaries were in better nick than the car itself, but to treat myself to a new wiring loom, and to convert to disc brakes on the front. Colour and trim, planning for MG Nightfire Red Pearlescent, with a cream interior. Some Links to further down as page is quite long! I decided to work from the front to the back. Stripped the front trim and centre trim from the bonnet, then removed the bonnet.

Worked through removing the front scuttle and the wings. In all only had a problem with 3 bolts, not bad after 20 years. A wing to the top of the scuttle bolt also sheared off on removal. Secret bolts securing the wing to the bulkhead, at the top of the wing and underneath. Every nut and bolts and screw is all going into one pot, hope I don’t live to regret this!

All trims and lighting removed, along with bonnet locks. With the wings and the front scuttle out of the way I got on with the removal of all the ancillaries, working first the drivers side, removing all electrical and mechanical items, moving the loom out of the way as I went. Lots of additional wires for extra things! Removed exhaust and carburettors at the manifold. All water pipes came off easily, and still about a pint of water in the cooling system, beautifully clear blue as well. Hoping to be able to get the engine out using jacks and scaffold boards, as no hoist available.

Continued to strip down the engine bay, its got fiddly now. Engine and gerabox out went fine. Jacked up the engine a bit, tied the gearbox onto the bonnet supports to hold it up, released the bellhousing bolts, more jacking and a good tug. Almost went as well for the gearbox, undid the two bolts on the tunnel, and then the two bolts going up thorugh the floor. Put jack under the box, removed rope, and gave a similar yank. Went to work on the interior, removing all the carpeting and trim. The dash surround was going well until I had one nut that was the wrong size for every spanner i had in the garage.

Finally took off the steering wheel to get at it properly! Both footwell carpets were pretty rotten, but the floors were in actually fairly solid nick thanks to the glassing I had done all those years ago. Petrol tank bolts all came off, but were stiff, bumper bolts fought for some time. Found a nice rusty hole middle of the boot though. Whilst underneath I noticed that I had previously fitted SPAX rear shock absorbers, so they had to come off too. Had a big tidy up in the garage, tucked some body parts away in the loft, and stripped the wings and doors of all trim and electrics.

Still undecided as to whether to go for tartan red again, or to go a bit more custom and have Nightfire metallic or similar. I guess cost will be the issue here. More tidying up, piled up the carpets and trim, wrapped in cardboard and stored in loft for later. Removed the drivers side shock absorber, and loosened the rear axle fixing bolts on both sides Cut through the rubber axle straps, first lazy thing I have done! Removed front brake drums and dismantled brakes, removing brake cylinders and pipework.

That’s just a bout it for dismantling, other than it stopping being a rolling shell. Moved the old shell out of the garage, and place it out under a tarpaulin. Put it up on ebay as well, and have two watchers. Now have to hope for some reasonable weather in order to remove the front and rear axles and get it up on stands awaiting collection.