Modeling clay for kids tea set

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We Just Published Our First Book! A wire is a thin and flexible strand of metal. Although they are uses for electronics, it can be used to make the coolest crafts. Wires are also useful for hanging wreaths and other wall hangings. You can make a bead wreath for any time of year using craft wire. To make this, you need to cut the craft wire to your length of your choosing to make a large loop. Then curl one of the wire end to keep the beads from sliding while putting them on.

Use the color beads that will reflect the holiday or time of year, for example, green and red for Christmas or black and orange for Halloween. Twist the craft wire ends together to close the loop. It is easy to make a clown doll and a dog from spools, wire, and beads. Notice that the legs are beads. For the ears, you can use felt. You can just experiment with how you do it.

Always knot wire at ends to prevent the toys from falling apart. Paint, varnish, or shellac the spools. Select a flower pot or a glass jar in which you wish to place an ivy. Then cut 8 pieces of spool wire, raffia, or heavy string to measure in length 3 times the height of the jar or pot. On a piece of cardboard trace the shape of the bottom of the receptacle. Cut the circle enlarging it a little more than the glass.

Fold as seen in figure 1. Use this notched circle for a pattern. Place it on a thin piece of wood. Trace and cut out, as pictured in figure 2. Cut felt into any desired shape large enough to be used as a background for the name. Edges may be pinked for a more decorative effect. Sew the name on the felt background and attach small safety pin to back.

Pupil may make extra pins for gifts. Make Clothespin Wire Barrel – Make a mini-barrel with clothespins, a can, and wires. You can use this as a plant holder, pencil holder, or just make it to hold odds and ends. Spider Web and Spider Magnet Craft – Learn how to make this really neat spider web and spider hanging craft with soft wire and some other supplies. Milk Carton – Learn how to make a working water well with a recycled milk carton, spool, string, and a tac. Wire and Rubberband Slingshot Craft – Boys love slingshots. This one is meant to shoot paper.

Making Fairy Crowns – This is a perfect fairy crown and it will look beautiful on your little fairy. You make this crown with wire and ribbon. Can – Learn how to make a miniature, working, water well to play with. Wire Sculptures – How to make basic wire sculptures. Make Fairy Wings – Learn how to make these fairy wings with strong wire, soft wire, some lace, and a few other things. Whales that Float – With the help of a cork, wire, and fishing weights, this whale can float pretty well.

Copper Wire Wrapped Stone Necklaces – You can make beautiful jewelry with medium copper wire. Just wrap it around a beautiful stone and wear it around your neck. Cardboard Box Lanterns – In this post I will be showing you how to make a Cardboard Box Lantern. Floating Seal Toys – Make these floating seals with a cork and fishing weights. Play with these in the bathtub.