Modern child development

Do you remember when you wanted that first record album or that awesome dirt bike? I worked my under aged butt off for the longest, most excruciating, back busting, exploitative modern child development hours. Well maybe that wasn’t really considered to be child labor. The year is 2013 and poverty is so rife that child labor is still part of an unfortunate reality around the world.

I have prepared a list of modern day labor done by children around the world and some of the issues that are cause serious harm to them. Nevertheless I want to point out that many legal modern day child hiring industries can potentially harm a child as well as rid them from their childhood. It may be true that every mother wishes that their child to be a champion—master and connoisseur of everything out there. Who doesn’t want to father the next Justin Bieber? According to Wanda Behrens-Horrell, a child development psychologist, the impact on a child from being a child performer can vary according to many factors.

Let’s face it, you’re sixteen, you want a life, you want independence, you want a job and luckily the law states in many countries that it is permissible. A fast food restaurant would happily hire you and apparently so will Chuck-e-Cheese’s. Imagine spending seven hours a day, seven days a week, twelve hours a day engaging in domestic labor. 11 a month salary for that amount of work. That is the amount reported as child domestic work wages in Morocco as recent as November of last year. If you’re clueless, like me, your vacation travel plans might not include thinking about where in the world my carbon footprint will do less harm, or what recycling policies are in effect were I plan to visit.

While many children work to support their families, many are alone or in company of other children in self-sustaining street environments. These children can and will vary the tasks and troubles to find everyday necessities. Just by living in the streets of a large city brings these children so many dangers and obstacles that range from being battered and abused to getting killed. Last year there was a heated debate regarding safety issues of children working on farms in the US and many conservative groups argued against proposed policy changes. Their argument being that government was meddling too far into household politics and personal parenting decisions. Picture kids and a soccer ball.

Most likely you viewed children playing with the ball, not making the ball somewhere in Pakistan. Children in manufacture apparently go together like kids and soccer because the list of products made with child labor is long . Many children across the world engage in mine labor. Many diamond wearers, or people with gold watches probably ignore the fact that they are using the products of child labor. If you have already seen the movie Blood Diamond and thought it was terrible and sad, play it in your mind with child laborers. To top it in ranking try adding a little cave-in action, or a river flood that hauls everyone away.

Seventeen different countries have children involved in armed conflict. Fighting, spying, mine sweeping, cooking, and servitude are only a few of the tasks that children perform during violent conflicts. In some cases schools are used as military grounds for confrontation or negotiation. Congo, Colombia, and Sri Lanka are just a few of the countries with reported violations of the international laws that regulate this issue. Child trafficking composes a serious world problem that is becoming more visible every day. One of the purposes of abductions is sex-related.

The sex trade is shockingly common around the world. In this industry the child is a victim of mind and physical control from which they cannot escape. Two million children are said to be sexually exploited every year. With the development of Internet child trafficking and pornography this has increased. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our daily or weekly newsletter so you don’t miss out on our latest lists.

Listverse is a Trademark of Listverse Ltd. Impact of parenting styles on child development. Global Academic Society Journal: Social Science Insight, Vol. Modern society is giving more importance to parenting styles. It represents the different approaches parents use to raise their children. This paper looks into various kinds of parenting styles followed by families. Modern parenting is mixed with various issues.

The root cause of majority of the mental health problems arise in adolescence are related to parenting styles. Most parents use a variety of styles depending upon their culture and societal demands. Good parenting is parenting that prepares children to meet the demands of the specific culture or subculture in which they live. We can nonetheless draw some conclusions about the ingredients of good parenting that will apply in most settings. We can go far in understanding which parenting styles are effective to prepare the children to meet the society. We can understand the effectiveness of parenting style by considering two dimension of parenting, as depicted in Figure 1. They were cheerful, socially responsible, self reliant, achievement oriented and cooperative with adults and peers.

Each of these parenting styles has its own advantages and disadvantages. The parent as martyr face some problems like, the goals the martyring parents set are impossible to carry out and the parent always feel guilty. The parent as pal style points out that there are some relationship risks. If things do not go well, parents may want to retract to a more formal, authoritarian style of parenting. What kind of parenting style help children become happy about themselves and friendly with others? How these parenting styles affect children in their later life. The outcomes of any given parenting style on any given child depends on many factors that interact with each other, including the child’s age, sex, and temperament.

The incompatibility of the parenting role with the working role is but one source of frustration for fathers and mothers trying to raise their children. Parenting today requires one to learn attitudes and techniques that are different from those of one’s parents. Parents are only one of several influences on children. Others are schools, peers, television, movies, music, books and travel. Parents feel anxious and guilty about their performance. Changing goal from one best technique to another. Society does not offer parents much psychological or social support.