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Pregnancy is a time when you need constant medical support and attention. However, you can’t call your doctor up at three a. Pregnancy magazines can become your go-to guide to pregnancy and motherhood. Such magazines offer many tips on how to get through mom magazines early days of childbearing.

Mommies can even learn about the changes in their body and what to expect once your bundle of joy is in their arms. Earlier, magazines on pregnancy were a rare thing, but today, the sheer number of choices makes it difficult to choose one. But, Momjunction has made the task much easier for you. Fit Pregnancy is a bi-monthly magazine covering topics like psychology, exercise, nutrition, beauty, fashion and health issues associated with pregnancy. In addition to giving advice on the best foods to eat and workouts suitable for pregnancy, the magazine also offers a pregnancy and ovulation calendar to help you plan your birth. The editors of the magazine review the best and the latest baby gears and products and even make their recommendations.

Besides, you will also get information to help you figure out what your life could be after pregnancy. For instance, some articles cover issues related to parenting up to the age of two. An advisory board of doctors from the fields of gynecology, child development, obstetrics, psychology and other medical fields manages the accompanying website of the magazine. So you can go to the website before subscribing to the magazine.

Fitness Consumer Award and National Information Health Awards. And, they did a stellar job with their report on the best cities to have your baby. Every month, the magazine offers reviews on the latest pregnancy and baby gear trends that you might need before and after pregnancy. It also has articles about trends and fashion in baby clothes and maternity suitable for every budget. We particularly find the fashion coverage most interesting. And information about you and your baby’s health is also featured.

You can either order a 12-month subscription or go through the articles on their website. The topics of the magazine range from: changes to the body during pregnancy like weight gain, nausea, morning sickness to issues after the birth of the baby, sleeping through the night, watching the development of the baby feeding and so on. The regular section, for example, the Crib Notes feature the best of the bests of everything that is new in baby and maternity. The magazine also features advice from celebrity parents, so it will make a good pick if you like to follow the stars. Some of the articles from the magazines are also reprinted on their website. The fact that new parents can get this magazine for free is an added benefit. Currently, they are offering a free subscription to print the magazine if you subscribe via their website.

Since the first pregnancy is the time when mommies have numerous questions, the magazine caters to their need and ensures that they get their answers. And we loved the detailed product reviews as well. Special Edition Buyer’s Guide, is free. The special issue offers tips on the best purchases for a breast pump, diaper bag, car seat and other baby essentials. You can go through the article to determine whether you need to subscribe or not.

The most striking feature of this magazine is the celebrity faces on the cover, such as Gabrielle Reece, Garcelle Beauvais, and Elisabeth Hasselback. KIWI Magazine is all about raising your family in the organic and natural way. It teaches the to-be-mommy to achieve the right balance between the ideal and real world. Available in both print and online, the magazine features articles spanning from pregnancy to childhood. It also helps mommies make healthy choices by covering the latest in organic and natural products, wellness and nutrition. There’s fun stuff like children’s fashion, review of children’s games, toys, media and so on. KIWI magazine had also received About.