Mom of preschoolers

The great thing about encouraging kids to be creative is that you do not need to mom of preschoolers them any expensive or fancy things. An old shoebox and other knick-knacks that you have around your home can give little ones hours of joy and fun. One of the best ways to get your little one interested in crafts is to let them create things that they love. Puppet crafts are a favorite among many preschoolers and kindergarten kids all over the world.

They are easy super puppet crafts and finger puppet crafts for kids to make and can be crafted with ordinary items from your home. How To Make Puppets And Finger Puppets? Making puppets is a fairly easy activity, but of course your kid needs adult supervision, since scissors are used to cut materials. Tracing Out On A Paper: Trace out your kid’s finger on any paper, leaving about 1centimeter extra on all sides stopping just below her knuckles. You would be using this trace out for the finger puppets. Cutting Out Color Paper: You would need to cut out two pieces, front and back.