Monitoring young children on the walk

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Young Adults’ Experiences of Depression in the U. Treatment for a TIA or minor stroke is aimed at preventing another one happening, and lowering the risk of stroke. After a TIA or minor stroke most people are prescribed drugs to reduce the risk of clots forming in their blood and blocking their carotid arteries or other blood vessels in the brain. She works as a drugs counsellor.

I’ve been, both actually, I’ve been to my GP and outpatients. And my GPs have been absolutely fantastic, they really have. I mean, obviously they’d had a letter from the hospital to say I’d had a stroke and when, when I went to see the GP he, he came out of his office to come and meet me because obviously he didn’t know how badly I’d been affected. He call, did you call you in to actually have a chat with you and find out how things were? Or did you make an appointment? I made an appointment to go and see him.