Monotype drawing technique for kids pictures

Welcome to the fine art monotype drawing technique for kids pictures – with us everyone will learn to paint! Fine Art Studio Malovani kresleni, z.

Art courses are conducted by academic painters, sculptors, architects and designers. Visit us to see the quality of our services! Contact us – we look forward to communicate with you! Our fine art studio offers regular 2-hour classes, or multi-day workshops. We also have an active architectural studio, where students have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of building design and discuss their work with qualified architects and designers, as part of the university preparation courses. We are looking forward to meet you!

The studio team and Nina Hedwic. If you have any questions, please contact us. If you have any questions, get in touch, or phone us to arrange a studio visit at Balbínova 28, Praha 2. Drawing and Painting, 6800 CZK – The most popular course – from 10. 2018 – starting a new semester! What do you think about painting, drawing and speaking English together? We offer English lessons only for foreigners.

You can learn to talk about your art, you can start your career abroad. Ceramics Course, 6800 CZK – from 10. Working with clay is slow, no rush let’s get together to delve into a state of inner concentration, let’s caress, sculpt, shape Let’s explore, touch and try. Course of Playful Arteterapy or Welcom to the World of Artefiletics – 4550 CZK – from 10. Are you finding a way to relax?

Do you want to learn something about yourself? Do you desire self-           esteem and self-expression? Arteterapeutical meetings could be right for you! Portrait Drawing and Painting, 6800 CZK – from 10. Are you drawing or trying to paint portraits at home by using photographs, looking in books or on the internet tutorials how to capture the face to get the “similar result”?