Moral Patriotic education of children in the younger group

What on earth is moral about paying tax? A greedy, slovenly state forces you to hand over roughly half your money every year, by threatening to send you moral Patriotic education of children in the younger group prison if you don’t.

Then it shovels that money carelessly down a huge hole. The Government is bad at almost everything it does. If you sent it out to buy you a loaf of bread, it would come back a week later with stale cake, and pretend it had lost the change. Our borders are abandoned, our roads potholed, our Navy sunk, our Army soon to be small enough to fit into Wembley Stadium.

As for criminal justice, where do I begin? As it happens, I think I pay my taxes as fully as possible. Unlike several Left-wing commentators and broadcasters of my acquaintance, I don’t qualify for, and so don’t use, the obvious get-outs. And if I were offered the chance to pay much less tax, simply and legally, I would take it. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one’s taxes .

Mr Carr has become famous and rich because of his modish Leftism. He’s for the things I’m against. He used to be noisily against tax-avoidance, and I suspect he still would be if he hadn’t been found out doing it. For him, and people like him, there is an obligation to pay lots of tax, because they worship the modern liberal welfare state. I recommend a minimum tax rate of 80 per cent for Leftist comedians, getting higher as they get more Left-wing. You’ll look funny when you’re 50’ was the best advice you could offer to would-be tattoo fashion victims, though, of course, many of them can’t believe they ever will be 50.

What will Joanna Southgate feel about her tattoos when she reaches that milestone? There’s something slightly frightening about it, as if in some instinctive way they are preparing themselves for the future that lies just around the next corner for our bankrupt country. I don’t need Edward Miliband to tell me that I’m not a bigot. I and many others were smeared in this way by Labour sympathisers. If Mr Miliband now admits that was wrong, what is he going to do about it? Will he and his comrades, deep down, now recognise that we were right? If there are now too many foreign migrants in this country, which is the clear implication of his speech, there isn’t actually anything he can do about it.

The transformation of this country was deliberately sought by New Labour, as we know from the blurted revelations of former party speechwriter Andrew Neather. But Mr Miliband’s private polls tell him the policy is unpopular. So he makes a speech claiming to have changed his mind. New Labour’s upper crust is made up of rich, snobbish London bohemians, who love the way that mass immigration has provided them with cheap servants and cheap restaurants.

They also despise the older Britain that the rest of us rather liked living in, and want to erase all trace of it. The Useless Tories, I might add, are exactly the same. Expect no good news from them. And Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, must know that. The old GCEs were designed for a selective system, where the academically bright went to grammar schools. As the next Election gets closer, Tories and Lib Dems will both be sucking up to their core votes, trying to get them to forget that the closeness and love of 2010 ever happened. This will mean a lot of posturing, but not much real action.

And Mr Gove and Vince Cable will both be working hard to become the leaders of their parties. They all fooled you in 2010. Do please try not to be fooled again in 2015. Well, who’s doing who a favour, exactly?

I know the Queen has to meet all sorts in her job, but this dead-eyed fanatic must be among the least agreeable companions you could find in a long day’s journey. If anyone doubted that the Good Friday Agreement was a humiliating surrender by a once-great country to a criminal gang, they can’t doubt it now. All the cheerleaders of the Arab Spring need to be asked how they feel about it now, and if by any chance they wish they had been less keen to endorse it. But, even as it falls to bits, they still support it. Does this CCTV capture ‘janitor’ ghost throwing a broom? Are you sure that’s how you do CPR?