Much funny pictures

Quickie Much funny pictures Talk With 2 Sexy Girls! India is one of the most colourful countries of the world.

It only happens in India, very right. These pics are really funny, the man carrying bricks is really doing a great job of balancing. Thanks for sharing these great pics. The brick one is a very funny one, I didn’t realise that the man was actually walking and not riding. I Think India is very good at adjusting,managing and compromising. People from outside the country would think how these kind of things are possible.

But it is India Every thing is possible here. These pictures make you laugh don’ they. These things can only happen in India. Amazing and humorous collection of pictures from various corners of India. I strongly agree with the pictures depicting bad english. These people have no sense at all, if they don’t understand the language why put up such signs. I don’t know if these people will ever learn.

Hi jay, I too sometimes wonder about the poor English, some of them are in poor taste. Common Shalu, some of them are really hilarious. However, each of the photograph contains a long story, worthy enough to write a post for each of them. The first image and the last image, can they be real?

I agree completely with you that each photo is a long story in itself. As far as originality is concerned, I won’t be surprised if it was not. Thanks for your comment and hope to see you here again. Hi Salika, they are too funny. That can’t be the best way to carry bricks! I am sure there are more better and quicker ways. I am amused at the ingenuity of the way it has been carried.

However, the 1st, 3rd last, and the last one represent the poverty of our country, right? Even though I live abroad, I am an Indian after all! Raaj, I know what you mean about the poverty but India is generally like that. We have to do with what we have and compromise and do with things we don’t have. Thank you for comment, glad you liked.

Hope to see again on my blog. Yes Indian people always make new ideas to make their work much easy. After seen all the pictures only one word to say in Indian Language. I have visited 2nd time to your blog and found very nice and unique photographs, thanks Shalu. I visited India a couple of times and loved it as well. Some of those pictures are simply incredible. Thank you for sharing this with us.