Municipal management in preschool education

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia, located on the Municipal management in preschool education River near its junction with the Irtysh River. Surgut at the end of the 16th century was a small fortress with two gates and five towers, one of which had a carriageway. In 1596 the Gostiny Dvor was built.

In the 17th-18th centuries – one of the centers of the Russian development of Siberia. The fortification, built of strong wood, was located on the cape, so that it was impossible to approach it unnoticed either from the river or from the land. Since 1782, the county town of the Surgut district of the Tobolsk province, province, has been formed. In 1785, the city’s coat of arms was approved. At the end of the 18th century, in connection with the development of southern Siberian cities, lost its administrative significance. Since 1868 – district, and since 1898 – the county town of Tobolsk province .

The inhabitants of Surgut, like other Siberians, were on state security. The urbanization of Surgut took place in the 1960s, when it became a center of oil and gas production. On JuneĀ 25, 1965 the work settlement of Surgut was granted town status. The city’s holiday is celebrated annually on JuneĀ 12. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it serves as the administrative center of Surgutsky District, even though it is not a part of it. In Surgut, Tyumen Energy Retail Company, the largest energy sales company, is the guaranteeing supplier of electric power in the Tyumen region, ranked first in terms of the value of the productive supply of electricity among the energy distribution companies of the Urals Federal District and the second among the energy sales companies in Russia.

The management office of OJSC TESS, the largest enterprise of the Urals Federal District, is located in the city in the sphere of complex service maintenance, overhaul and reconstruction of electric power facilities. In addition, there are factories: gas processing, stabilization of condensate, motor fuel. For 2013, the volume of shipped goods of own production, works performed and services by own strength for large and medium-sized producers of industrial products amounted to 100. Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water” – 87. Surgut takes the 3rd place in the rating of the 250 largest industrial centers of Russia.

The city is served by the Surgut International Airport, which offers flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubai, Irkutsk, and a number of other cities. Road P-404 connects Surgut with Tyumen. There is a port on the Ob River. As of July 1, 2016, in the city of Surgut 54 preschool institutions and 5 private kindergartens, 33 schools, 3 gymnasiums and 4 lyceums. 8 children’s and youth sports schools, etc. This section does not cite any sources.

A commemorative obelisk to the surrogates, who went to the front in 1941-1945, originally erected at the river station in 1945 in wooden execution. It was restored on May 8, 1995. The monument to the first members of the Komsomol of Surgut. On the monument are carved the names of the first 16 Komsomol members of Surgut, and also inscribed are the words of dedication from the youth of the 1960s. The monument plays a big role in patriotic education.

Monument to the builder “Iron Man”. Monument to a nurse – made at the Sverdlovsk Foundry. The monument to the pilots of Siberia – Mi-6 UTair is located not far from the airport. Historical and cultural center “Old Surgut”.