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This is due a feud with My Chemical Romance and the Daily Mail when in an article they wrote that MCR and their fans are part of a cult. This, obviously, angered the band and the lead singer, Gerard Way, went on to say that “We are not a cult, we are an army! But also, they are often called “Killjoys” based on Gerard’s comic called “The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys”. They based their album “Danger Days” on this and played the role of the “Killjoys” in two of their music videos. Who_are_the_members_of_the_band_My_Chemical_Romance”,”content_title”:”Who are the members of the band My Chemical Romance? Who are the members of the band My Chemical Romance? The lead singer is Gerard Way.

The bass guitarist is his younger brother, Mikey Way. Frank Iero is the rhythm guitarist. Ray Toro is the lead guitarist. They are both the background singers as well. Bob Bryar has been the drummer since their second album, “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge”.

The drummer before him was Matt Pelissier. My Chemical Romance is a rock band from New Jersey. All of the band was born and raised in New Jersey. All ofthe members have been in bands prior to My Chemical Romance. Theband has 4 studio albums and 3 live albums. What_are_all_the_names_of_your_chemical_romance”,”content_title”:”What are all the names of your chemical romance?