My teenage son is always tired

Gathered together on this page are several inspiring prayers for praying for your son. The first prayer takes the form of a petition, asking God that we might be good parents my teenage son is always tired we raise our child.

The second prayer is for those who have a teenage son, and the challenges and joys that this brings! Help me to be a good parent. As I dwell in your love, may I give my own son an ocean of love to abide in. As I receive your forgiveness, may I always be ready to forgive my own dear son and offer him a new day. As I hope in you, and look forward to the future knowing your guidance. May I gently protect and lead my own beloved son into a place of hope and vision for his future. Lord, help me to be a good parent.

Help me to love, without expecting anything in return. Help me to engage, even when I don’t fully understand him. Help me to provide, quietly and gently to give good gifts. Help me to speak, not to sow criticism but encouragement. Help me to say sorry, to own up when I mess up. Help me to forgive, even when I feel hurt or ignored. Help me to hope, to breathe out joy and vision for the future.