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Publish your explanation with “Explain” button. The reason that the sky is blue. And to him I just can’t be true. I see him die a little more inside. I don’t wanna take away his life. Asks if I’m gonna be out late. A lie I didn’t have to tell.

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Result of your work will appear after moderating. She has an honest boyfriend but she is the one who is unfaithful to him. She goes to dates with the other guy and tell him that she will hang out with her friends. She also knows that eventhough he knows she doesn’t go with her friends, he pretends like he doesn’t know it and lets her go. And these things kills him bit by bit and she feels like she is a murderer. He really loves me but I don’t know why I can’t love him back. I was not able to broke him up ‘coz I know that he will be hurt but time comes that my conscience bother me for many times, so even if it hurts to say “I will set you.