New teenagers

You can change the new teenagers at any time. The words of Beverly Young Nelson were devastating. Not just to Senate candidate Roy Moore – and they were a body blow to him – but a blow to his state and his party and to all who cling to him because he loudly proclaims a Christianity they’d like to believe. Because┬áthe words were, above all else, believable.

The words of Beverly Young Nelson, streamed live across the world today, were brutal, and personal, and gripping in every detail, and they hit Moore right where he lives: In his righteous piety. Her words went even beyond the stunning stories reported by the Washington Post last week that detailed four instances of Moore pursuing teenage girls, including a then-14-year-old who said Moore stripped to his underwear and tried to make her touch his parts. Which would be lecherous and creepy and criminal. But this, this is beyond even that. What Nelson told through tears today was a story of a predator who laid in wait, who eyed her and desired her, who took advantage of her, physically hurt her as he tried to sodomize her. She told of a man who dumped her in the parking lot and peeled away.

But not before warning her that she was a child, who had just turned 16, and he was an Etowah County district attorney. Beverly Young Nelson, with lawyer Gloria Allred. I’m struck by the details, the way Nelson, as a waitress at the Old Hickory House in Gadsden, about an hour north of Birmingham, told her story. How he sat in the same seat in the restaurant each day and stayed ’til closing. How he grabbed the tips of her long red hair and how he signed her yearbook.

The way Moore, in his Hush Puppies, offered to drive her home, and how he instead pulled around to park in a dark spot between the dumpster and the restaurant. I was alarmed and I immediately asked him what he was doing,” she said in a press conference with her lawyer, the famous Gloria Allred. Instead of answering my question he reached up and began groping me and putting his hands on my breast. I tried to open my car door to leave but he reached over and locked it so I could not get out.