Non sandwich lunch ideas for toddlers

Little wonder than, that Paleo ideas for children’s school lunches is one of the top things I’m asked about. Add to this the industrial seed oils, the feed-lock meat of dubious origin and highly processed nature of many school meals, it’s little wonder more and more parents opt to send their kids to school with a home-made packed lunch. I hope this move doesn’t become widespread, as it would put Paleo non sandwich lunch ideas for toddlers in a very difficult position.

If you’re packing meat, you’ll want it to stay cool, so it’s a good idea to pack it with an ice pack in an insulated lunch box. Likewise, try a thermos flask if you want to serve hot foods like soup. In terms of containers, whilst Tupperware and plastic lunch boxes do the job, my favourites are lunchbots stainless steel bento boxes. Including cocktail sticks and dips, is another way to introduce an element of fun to lunchtimes. Fruit and carby veggies like sweet potatoes are often a good bet for children, who need a lot of ready energy.

Wraps and Sandwiches There is no bread in any of these sandwich options! Make wraps using a flat wrap, around your child’s favourite filling. You can even use bacon as a wrap! If your wrap won’t stay shut, use a fresh chive, green onion or blanched scallion green to tie a knot around the wrap, keeping it in place. You can make sandwiches using a coconut flour or almond meal paleo bread recipe. Something Special For something a bit different, how about these ideas? Veggies Veggies are a great way to finish off the lunch box.

Celery halves, with nut butter in the groove. Kids Dips With almost all of the lunch options, dips and sauces are great to provide on the side. Child Friendly Fruit Fruit is another good group to choose from. A mix of almonds, dark chocolate chips and coconut flakes.

Does Your Child Have Paleo School Dinners? Paleo school lunches – dream on! The biggest issue we have is the nut free policy my kids love veg sticks and nut butter but cant have it in the lunch box. Lots of good ideas for when I’m not feeling creative or inspired. Thank you for this, it’s a great list.

My little ones attend a nut-free school and it is a real problem for me. It is so incredibly limiting for eaters who already exclude grain, sugar and toxic oils as part of the paleo lifestyle. As one who is allergic to nuts, I have to forgo them anyhow, Paleo or no. I will DEFINITELY say that the flavor depends on the brand! But Maranatha’s sunflower seed butter is really good.

Both cashew and sunflower seed butter from Sprouts are good, too. I just wash my hands really well after packing their lunches. Or I get individually wrapped items or snack packs. I live a Paleo lifestyle in Australia.

I’m Suz Crawt, founder of the Paleo Network. My mission is to inspire you with paleo recipes and give you the resources and information you need, to be the healthiest version of you. Balanced School Lunches for Picky Eaters, but what I really struggle with is making my own lunch. I’m not saying that I don’t eat during the day. I just don’t eat lunch like I should. And you should know that I am easily bored with food. I know that what I really should be doing taking the time to sit down, take a break, and eat a balanced meal.

Aimée already talked about her Intentional Food Goals for 2012. Taking a midday break to eat a balanced afternoon meal is one of mine. I decided that it was high time I sat down and made myself a list of easy to prepare lunch ideas. Because I’m alone and busy working, lunches need to be: something that requires little thought and effort and doesn’t create a lot of extra mess.