Non sandwich lunch

Cook, bake, craft, create, one little project at a time! I don’t know about you, but I get soooooo tired non sandwich lunch the same lunch foods over and over and over again. And the same goes for packing lunches for school!

I have about 5 staples that I repeat week after week. There are only so many sandwiches you can eat, but it’s always fun to have lunch on a stick! You can make almost anything into a lunch kebab and bring back some life to your boring old lunches. From simple sandwich kebabs to flavourful antipasto skewers there are tons of healthy ideas here to make you and your kids excited for lunch time! These lunch on a stick ideas are SO FUN! You can make almost anything into lunch kebabs and bring back some life and creativity to your boring old lunches! I never would have thought of putting all of the ingredients for a sandwich onto a skewer, but I honestly think it’s brilliant!

And they easily turn into a wonderful appetizer! Ideas for Lunch on a Stick Check out these awesome combinations! PS – Here’s a list of my favourite link parties. Wow I am buy Skewers this weekend and getting busy what an amazing share thank you xo!

Thanks for joining in the Inspiration Spotlight party. Hope to see you again soon. Have a great rest of your week. Ideas for Lunch On a Stick. Another popular lunch idea is lunch kebobs. These simple presentations are the perfect solution to everyone’s school lunch efforts.

They let Mom be a bit creative and cutesy, they keep food items separated for the kids, and they’re just fun! One Little Project shares 50 school lunch kebob ideas here. Love to cook, bake, craft, create? Join us as we make things one little project at a time! This step by step guide makes it SO EASY to start a blog! It only takes 15 minutes to do all the steps and you end up with a fully functional website! Subscribe Have updates sent right to your inbox!