Offensive jokes

A little black Jewish boy says to his daddy, “Dad am I more black or Jewish? How did the leper hockey game end? There was a face off in the corner. What do you call a black guy offensive jokes half a brain?

I added Paul walker on Xbox, but he spends all his time on the dashboard. 7 years old and coming from Cuba in a burlap sack. If I had a dollar for every time someone called me racist, black people would steal it from me. But it had some smokin’ hot babes. We could save millions of mosquitoes from dying needlessly of AIDS. How do parents in Africa celebrate their kid’s first birthday?

They bring flowers to his grave. What’s a holocaust survivor’s favorite movie? Jesus was definitely a black man. He never once saw his father.

What’s the hardest part about shooting an unarmed black man? What do you call a retarded Jew? What is the KKK’s favorite blend of coffee? What was David Bowie’s last hit? What did the rapist say to their victim?

Go ahead, call the police, we’ll see who comes first. Jesus said my faith can move mountains. So Mohammed said, “My faith can move skyscrapers”. After death, what is the only organ in the female body which remains warm? What do pizzas and parents have in common? If they are black, you’ve got nothing to eat.

I was bloody and sore at the end, but at least my dad came. Why are black people unable to get a PhD? Because they can’t get past their masters. It’s too close to the gas chamber.

My grandfather once told me, “Your generation is too reliant on technology. So I replied, “No, your generation is too reliant on technology! Then I disconnected his life support. Say what you want about pedophiles, at least they drive slow through the school zones.

Losing my virginity was a lot like how I learned to ride a bike. My Dad having a firm grip on my shoulders. I fucked this retarded chick last night. I wanted my first time to be special. A man walks into a bar and stays there my whole childhood. What do a pregnant teenage girl and her baby have in common?

They’re both thinking, “Oh shit, my Mom is gonna kill me. What’s the difference between John Wayne and Jack Daniels? Jack Daniels is still killing Indians. If you are over 18 and enjoy a good laugh, feel free to browse through these jokes, funny photos etc. You are more than welcome to add your own favourite jokes to share with the world, all you need do is register and login.