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Get ready for the school year with Google Classroom. Tools, tips and tricks to get you started today. For educators who are new to Google tools, this course will teach you the best strategies for integrating Google in your classroom. Moving beyond fundamentals, this other training course teaches cutting-edge strategies for integrating Google in your classroom.

Get up to speed on using Chromebooks and Android tablets in your classroom with these structured training paths. Improve your skills as a trainer as you learn to create and deliver inspiring training sessions on Google tools. Learn how to stay safe online and equip your students to become responsible digital citizens with this free and interactive course. Learn how to use the accessibility features in Chromebooks and G Suite for students with diverse learning abilities. Need help with a specific tool? The more I learn about Google in the classroom, the more my lessons become engaging and meaningful. Please forward this error screen to 194.

The slush from yesterday froze overnight. That sounds like a rough surface to work with! Not sure about my time, and beleive me, it doesn’t matter. Very proud of you young man! Oh and that 4:59 time was obviously moving time.