Out of modeling dough to make figurines of children

Are you tired of running to the craft store for expensive polymer clay? Keep in mind, out of modeling dough to make figurines of children, that these homemade clays are not quite the same as store-bought kind.

1 cup cornstarch in a cold pot until combined. Stir the mixture at low heat until it looks like mashed potatoes, then let it cool. Knead the dough until it’s smooth, and store any leftovers in the refrigerator. Sorry that the video wasn’t helpful. Use this recipe for a homemade version of clay.

Be aware of this when working on projects. You may want to build your project a bit bigger so that when it shrinks it will be the correct size. 1 cup cornstarch into the non-stick pot. The pot should be either sitting on the counter during this step or if it is perched on the stove, make sure the flame is not on. PVA wood glue works best for this recipe although the normal white children’s glue will work well also. If you want, you can add food coloring or acrylic paint to the mixture at this point to color it. Transfer the pot to the stove.