Overall motor skills in young children

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Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Of all the expert-approved educational toys, the Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set is our top pick. Like it or not, the toys we choose to buy for our kids can make a difference in their development. During your child’s growing years, it is important to provide them with educational toys that allow them to learn while they play. Different types of toys require children to use different skill sets and tap into different learning areas of the brain. While any toy can offer value to a developing brain, there are certain toys, usually referred to as educational, learning or instructional toys that provide specific value to children.

The beauty of educational toys is double fold, as they appeal to both children and parents. At their core, they are still toys, so they don’t seem like homework or a burden to children, yet they conveniently, almost secretly, provide learning benefits. That’s why we’ve done the research to find the best educational toys for kids of all ages. Before we get into our picks, here are some scientific benefits to educational toys. Cognitive skills: Educational toys can help children connect to their thought processes and further develop their capabilities to think freely.

Common toys that help boost cognitive skills include puzzles and number games. Motor skills: With the right educational toys and games, children develop their motor skills in conjunction with their cognitive skills. We’ve handpicked five of the best educational toys that provide a firm foundation for learning and education, thereby giving your child a good start early in life. Certainly, different learning toys are best for certain age groups, but rather than focus on individual age groups, we sought to present the best toys on the market hands down, regardless of age. All picks ended up being STEM toys, not by intention, simply by nature of finding the best products out there for educational purposes. Our selections are based on online research, hands-on reviews ranging from mommy bloggers to tech analysts, Amazon customer reviews and best-seller lists, as well as independent expert rankings. Read more about our top educational toys in the following slides.

Although the Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set is our top pick, for various reasons laid out in the slides below, you should also consider the Snap Circuits Jr. Why you’ll love it: The Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set is loved by children, educators, and parents for its ability to develop spatial, fine motor, and creative skills. Magna-Tiles come in various sizes, shapes, such as right, equilateral, and isosceles triangles, and colors. The tiles allow children to create anything they can dream up on either a flat surface in three dimensions.