Painting with handprints for kids 3 4 years

They look so professional and yet they are so cheap and easy to make! Turn this onto a sheet of baking painting with handprints for kids 3 4 years and cover with a damp tea towel to cool.

I store any leftover dough for 1month by wrapping it in a damp tea towel, sealing it inside a ziplock bag and refrigerating it. Once they are dry from the oven, and cool to touch you can paint them any colour you like. We used gold and silver spray paint but I would love to do some in some fluro pink and yellow! Then I used the glue gun to apply lots of glue to the back of the footprints, glued these to the back of the frame before replacing the glass frame. I’m sure you will love doing this craft with your kids or maybe doing it for a friend as a gift like I did. Please let us know if you give this a try, we’d love to see the photos!

We have so many more ideas in the pipeline! Just a short question,must we spray paint it immediately or can we wait out till tomorrow? Where can I find bi carb soda? I WILL DO THIS AS SOON AS MY GRAND DAUGHTER IS BORN NEXT jANUARY.

THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GOOD IDEA. Maybe baby girl’s hand just after she is born early January, along side brother’s and Mum and Dad’s too. I work in a creche and you have some ideas I can use there. Ive just tried this idea with my twin girls bit was wondering how long you keep them in the oven for. Will be definitely giving this a go.

Can you use just normal play dough instead of making you’re own? And can you dry it out to make it hard? While your keepsake dough is cooling, roll out some play-dough and practice the art of pressing hand and foot prints. I did this today with my 4yr old daughter and my 5month old son worked out amazing and soooo easy! Feel free to post a pic to our Facebook page if you like. What kind of paint should be used?