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All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. Getting Help with Careers – updated by Careers Writer Ellie Stevenson . Stress: Help Your Son or Daughter Cope . Are you a parent thinking about career issues? Maybe your son or daughter is just about to leave school or college, is seeking a job or considering options? We recognise the need for clear, concise and impartial information on the choices available. While Parental Guidance seeks to help users locate potential sources of information, we can take no responsibility for the content of any given websites, how such information is used, or any subsequent decisions made as a result of visiting recommended sites.

We also believe that web-based information is never a substitute for one-to-one professional career guidance. Your email address will not be shared with any third parties and will only be used by us to send you pertinent information regarding the RTA Label. Thank you for labeling with RTA. The RTA Label is a free service but your donation will help us to continue to offer and improve upon it. Operates with Safari, Internet Explorer and can work with any Mobile HTML browser that includes a parental control filtering system that recognizes the RTA Label. Works if an adult APP uses an HTML page for purchase of the adult APP. If you are a supporter of ASACP or would like to apply and have added the RTA label to your adult sites, you will be given a special button to show this honorable status in appreciation for your support.

Protect Your Business By Protecting Children! 4999998,13 -2,0 0,-7 2,0 0,7 z m -1,-8. Select the images to display more information. The Parental Control Bar is a free public service that helps concerned parents prevent their children from accessing adult-oriented web sites. Complete our simple three-step installation process and start controlling your family’s online activity.

Why is this a free service? Simply activate Child-Mode while your children surf the internet, and the toolbar will block access to adult-oriented websites. Will not work with multi-user accounts. Toolbar will only work on a single user system. Maternity leave” and “Paternity leave” redirect here. Demonstration for parental leave in the European Parliament.

Parental leave or family leave is an employee benefit available in almost all countries. Unpaid parental or family leave is provided when an employer is required to hold an employee’s job while that employee is taking leave. Paid parental or family leave provides paid time off work to care for or make arrangements for the welfare of a child or dependent family member. Private employers sometimes provide either or both unpaid and paid parental leave outside of or in addition to any legal mandate.

The advancement of gender equality has also been on the political agenda of Nordic countries for decades. Although, all Nordic countries have extended the total leave period, their politics towards father’s quota are different. Iceland, Norway and Sweden have established equal 3 months quotas for the father. The only Nordic country that does not provide fathers with a quota is Denmark. Paid parental leave incentivizes labor market attachment for women both before and after birth, affecting GDP and national productivity, as the workforce is larger. Paid parental leave incentivizes childbirth, which affects the future workforce. If women take long parental leaves, the neoclassical model would predict that their lifetime earnings and opportunities for promotion will be less than their male or childfree counterparts, or the “motherhood penalty.