Parenting and child upbringing

It seems to be a myth to most parents because parents do not want anything bad for their kids. Parents sometimes indulge in detrimental parenting, leaving a long-lasting effect on the child. It could be unintentional, but the parenting and child upbringing is done. You may not realize your moments of bad parenting.

Keep reading to learn all about bad parenting, the signs of it, and the ways you can be a better parent. The definition of bad parenting is not a single act of poor nurturing but rather a series of such actions that invariably harm the little one’s demeanor and psychology. A parent may feel guilty and will try to reconcile, but it often yields poor results. Unsurprisingly, many parents do not realize their folly since the deed was unintentional or perhaps they are too busy to learn to be an active parent. Some parents are not prepared for a worst-case scenario, while a segment does not care enough.

These attributes and actions all sum up to refer to bad parenting skills. What Are The Signs Of Bad Parenting? Several parenting incidences point towards being a bad parent. The child did something wrong and acknowledged it, nevertheless, you scold him for committing a mistake. And you have forgotten that he was courageous enough to be truthful.

You scold, punish and hit the child in front of everyone:There is no hesitation in castigating the little one irrespective of the place and the people. You scold him in front of his siblings, grandparents, cousins, and even the neighbors. You even whip a slap or two. You should wake up early for better grades. I’ll help you wake up early to get better grades. Not displaying adequate affection:Ever wondered why your child is always trying to get your attention by troubling you with naughty tricks?

It is quite likely that he feels a lack of emotional connect and warmth from his parents. It could be your child’s school examination time when he needs a lot of support from you. But you focus on your official work or another commitment, which makes the child feel neglected. There is always a comparison to someone else:It is good to set positive role models for your child but always comparing him with someone, especially a sibling or the child next door, is a sign of bad parenting. You express no excitement or joy when your kid comes home beaming with pride about his win in a contest.

In fact, there have been few instances of pride in your parenthood. Always having a criticizing tone:You see everything the child does in a negative light, and are always critical of him. This is different from not appreciating something since there you are indifferent, but here you just disapprove everything. You may spend a lot of time in teaching good things but never spare a moment to understand the little one’s opinion and feelings. Every time he shares something, you rule it out as gibberish and do not take it seriously.

Not showing the right way of doing things:It is not just about showing the path but also walking with the child for the first few steps. Investing more in actions than words is important. Children learn habits, whether good or bad, from their parents. If the child does something wrong and inappropriate, then spare a moment to introspect for he may have learnt it from you.

The child is never offered a choice:Parents decide everything for their children, from the school they study to the clothes they wear. In this process, you tend to get rigid to the point that you forget to give a choice to the child. That makes the child yearn for other things, and in some cases, he will not hesitate even to steal it. It’s nice to shower attention and materialistic love but not so much that the child becomes a spoilt brat. He takes everything for granted and does not understand the value of anything. It makes him pretentious, which can lead to the formation of a negative social image.

Help solve even the smallest problems:It is good to hold the hand but not to the point that the child is unable to do anything on his own. This results in low self-confidence and self-esteem. Along with these signs of bad parenting, there are also certain habits that make you a bad parent. You just raise your hand, or worse, show a fist every time your child does something wrong. Intimidation has become your primary tool to discipline your child, irrespective of the mental or physical impact it has on him. Cultivating a fear towards you to control the child is tantamount to bullying, which is quite a pathetic thing. A child needs guidance through wise and comforting words, but instead, you choose to respond in terse replies that leave the child bewildered yet also disappointed.