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I’ve come up with a wide range parenting forums toddlers activities that I’ve used to keep these little people busy as they discover the world around them. Some of the activities may be ideas you’ve never tried and others may be things you do regularly with your own child. Playing in water is a classic experience that nearly all babies enjoy. An outdoor kiddie pool is great when the weather is warm but there is no need to stop the wet fun when the air outside turns chilly.

One novel variation on this theme that I’ve tried successfully is to add a couple drops of food coloring to large clear containers of water. The colored water adds a new twist to the play and provides another opportunity to teach the names of colors. As long as the food coloring is diluted you won’t have to worry about staining problems, just make sure a tot doesn’t get a hold of the little bottle of concentrated dye. When it’s hot outside your toddlers will naturally want to drink the water they are playing in. Be ready with fresh water to quench their thirst. I don’t recommend filling the whole pool with water when you have it indoors because 1.

For safety sake keep pool water shallow and maintain constant supervision. When using a kiddie pool indoors you may want to surround the pool with towels to absorb spilled water. This will make cleanup a little easier and will also help prevent slips and falls when toddlers climb in and out of the pool. Try bubbling the water with a straw or baster tube. Older toddlers can do this too, just watch the straw on the first time and make sure they understand the difference between blowing and sucking. If you let your tots play right at the sink beware of scalding danger if they can reach the faucet handle. As an added precaution you can turn your water heater down to 120 degrees.

That will still hurt but won’t cause real damage. Sandboxes are fun both outdoors and indoors. When used outdoors it’s good to put a sheet of plastic under the sand to prevent your tots from digging through the sand and into the soil which will make the sand dirty. It’s also great fun to flood the sand box during warm weather so slope your plastic so that the water will drain away from the house and toward a shrub. Pierce a few holes in the plastic on the downhill side so it will drain slowly. When used indoors I recommend putting your sand box in the middle of a tight weave area rug or carpet remnant.

This way you can just lift it up and dump most of the spilled sand back into the box. You can also vacuum the carpet if you want to be extra tidy or take it outside and throw it over a clothesline and beat on it. What they can handle is beads, bracelets and hats. Provide a mirror so they can see themselves wearing the accessories. Photography Note: You can sometimes get great pictures of tots dressing up by standing behind them and taking a picture of them in the mirror.

With the advent of digital cameras toddlers quickly learn that they can see pictures on the back of the camera and it gets harder to photograph them because they stop what they are doing and want to see the LCD display. Toddlers are amused by the stickiness of tape. Buy different colors and then tear or cut pieces to a manageable size and stick them halfway to a table edge for easy access. If you are concerned about ease of removal or adhesive residue try using low tack painters tape. This gives the tot more to do but assures correct proportions. You may not want to allow children to eat too much raw cookie dough since it contains raw eggs which are occasionally a carrier of salmonella.

This issue can also be avoided by substituting one tablespoon of ground flax seed mixed with 3 tablespoons of warm water in place of each egg. They’re having a good time right? Don’t hide the animals too well or the child won’t be able to find them at all. Leave a nose or head peeking out so that they can see a bit of color. Give your toddler some tools and something to fix. It helps if you are fixing something along side the child. Avoid tools that have sharp edges or are likely to pinch.

Wrenches and screwdrivers are fairly safe. Just don’t let them run around with a screwdriver in hand. And don’t leave them unattended with a flat headed screwdriver and an exposed electrical outlet. A very dangerous and tempting combination!

Playdough can be fun for toddlers if you can keep them from eating too much of eat. Cookie cutters, toothpicks, and extruders can all be fun. Another classic toddler activity is to make playhouses out of large cardboard boxes. These can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. For added fun, connect several boxes together to make tunnels leading between the play houses. Photography Tip: Have a camera handy to take some cute pictures when your toddler is playing in the cardboard box playhouse. Pre-focus on a window and then get them to peek out at you.