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William Sears advises mothers to carry their baby on the body as often as possible. In family sociology, attachment parenting is considered to be the most striking manifestation of intensive mothering or New momism. William Sears came to the term “attachment parenting” in 1982 by reading Liedloff. Initially, he referred to his new philosophy as “the new continuum concept” and “immersion mothering”.

When he published his book Creative Parenting in 1982, the concept was largely elaborate already. I realized we needed to change the term to something more positive, so we came up with AP, since the Attachment Theory literature was so well researched and documented, by John Bowlby and others. In 1993, William Sears and Martha Sears published The Baby Book which became the first comprehensive manual for AP-parents and which was occasionally dubbed “the attachment parenting bible”. In the same year as Sears and Sears’ Attachment Parenting Book, Jan Hunt published her essay collection The Natural Child. Hunt who sees herself as a child advocate, campaigned in this book not only for attachment parenting, but also for unschooling. Like before him the founders of attachment theory, Mary Ainsworth in particular, William Sears teaches that a strong mother-child-attachment emerges from contingency, that is of emotional attunement of mother and child, which again is based on the mother’s sensitivity. William Sears strongly believes in the existence of child rearing practices that support “babyreading” and that augment the maternal sensitivity.