Parenting the adopted child

Impact of parenting styles on child development. Global Academic Society Parenting the adopted child: Social Science Insight, Vol.

Modern society is giving more importance to parenting styles. It represents the different approaches parents use to raise their children. This paper looks into various kinds of parenting styles followed by families. Modern parenting is mixed with various issues. The root cause of majority of the mental health problems arise in adolescence are related to parenting styles. Most parents use a variety of styles depending upon their culture and societal demands.

Good parenting is parenting that prepares children to meet the demands of the specific culture or subculture in which they live. We can nonetheless draw some conclusions about the ingredients of good parenting that will apply in most settings. We can go far in understanding which parenting styles are effective to prepare the children to meet the society. We can understand the effectiveness of parenting style by considering two dimension of parenting, as depicted in Figure 1.

They were cheerful, socially responsible, self reliant, achievement oriented and cooperative with adults and peers. Each of these parenting styles has its own advantages and disadvantages. The parent as martyr face some problems like, the goals the martyring parents set are impossible to carry out and the parent always feel guilty. The parent as pal style points out that there are some relationship risks. If things do not go well, parents may want to retract to a more formal, authoritarian style of parenting. What kind of parenting style help children become happy about themselves and friendly with others?

How these parenting styles affect children in their later life. The outcomes of any given parenting style on any given child depends on many factors that interact with each other, including the child’s age, sex, and temperament. The incompatibility of the parenting role with the working role is but one source of frustration for fathers and mothers trying to raise their children. Parenting today requires one to learn attitudes and techniques that are different from those of one’s parents.