Parenting the second year of life

Parenting has been called the ultimate long-term investment. It’s one of the most parenting the second year of life and challenging jobs you’ll face in your lifetime — and also the most rewarding. The study found that 2-year-olds who engaged in a physical activity — like crawling through a tunnel or playing ball — did better on a test of mental flexibility than did toddlers who were left to play video games on their own. How Do I Get More Muscles?

A parenting style that works well is one that uses discipline proactively. No one technique of discipline works for all situations. Toddler Milestones What happens in your child’s second year. Is Your Child Drinking Too Much Sugar?

Is Your Child Too Young for a Cell Phone? Should You Care About Child Milestones? WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. How did you earn this title? Were you a Free Range kid? What prompted you to found the Free Range Kids movement?

Why were our parents different from today’s parents? Did you come across any particularly outrageous parental concerns? You are raising your kids in New York City, is it harder to be a Free Range parent in the city? You have experienced the media from all angles, as a newspaper columnist, a news consumer and most recently as the sensational subject of a media storm. Has your view of the media changed as a result of this? What should we do to liberate our kids without going crazy with worry?

Free-Range Kids is a commonsense approach to parenting in these overprotective times. In 2008, I let my then-9-year-old ride the subway by himself. He’d been asking us — my husband and me — to please take him someplace and let him find his way home by himself. Long story short: He got home about 45 minutes later, ecstatic with independence. I was just incredibly lucky that he made it home. I LOVE safety — helmets, car seats, safety belts. I believe in teaching children how to cross the street and even wave their arms to be noticed.