Parents helpline for teenagers

Please forward this error screen to parents helpline for teenagers. Dyslexia Scotwest is the main dyslexia organisation in the West of Scotland. We are an established and well-respected Charity.

Registered Office: 182 Bath Street, Glasgow. How does bullying affect your child? Many young people who contact us about bullying feel very distressed and powerless to put a stop to bullying. Some of them have told us how bullying makes them feel: “She has taken all my friends away and I go home at night and I’m depressed and cry” –  girl aged 13. Bullying can impact how well your child does at school, their ability to make friends and can have an effect on them for many years. I feel like killing myself, it’s that bad. I will probably end up in hospital, I have no friends and if I don’t get help now I will end up a mess.

Other kids trip me up and call me names. They stir things up so people don’t want to be my friend. I’m depressed, annoyed, stressed and keep breaking down in tears. I pray to make the bullies better people but it really upsets me because none of my friends stick up for me. How bullying affects a disabled child? The impact of bullying on disabled children may be different to the impact of bullying on other children. This is because their condition may be reinforced or worsened by the bullying.

She struggles with friendships and sustaining friendships. She now attends school part time and attends a special school for one day a week. Everyone underestimated the damage done by the bullying. She has a mentor at the school which she sees once a week. They work on building her self-esteem and self-worth and help with friendships. They worked on her confidence and gradually brought her out of herself, building up the confidence she lost.

It’s so nice to see the difference. The school uses the SEAL programme. They’re really proactive using it which can only be a bonus, so I’m hoping that will filter through. There’s a lovely atmosphere in the school and they do a lot of anti-bullying work in the classroom.