Pay rate for early childhood teachers

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It was the first Labour government that introduced free universal provision of secondary schooling, and the most recent Labour government that introduced a free entitlement to early childhood education. We have always believed in the power of education to change lives and we’ve always believed it is one of the most important investments any government can make. These are challenging times As the way we live and work continues to change rapidly, so too do the demands we place on our education system. However too often creativity and innovation is being hampered by government red tape and compliance requirements. Relentless changes to legislation and regulation, the importation of failed approaches from the US and the UK, lack of funding, and a lack of collaboration between those who set policy and those who are expected to implement it are all distracting attention from what really matters. We need a different kind of education Our education system needs to prepare our people for a world we can’t yet imagine.

We will need to be resilient, creative, and adaptable, have great communication and interpersonal skills, and be prepared to work collaboratively as well as independently. We will probably undertake a range of different types of work, some salaried, some contracted, some in a workplace, some from home. Subject specific knowledge will be a lot less important, transferable skills will be essential. Attitude and aptitude will be just as important, if not more important, than qualifications.

The current focus on standardisation and measurement works against adapting the education system to the needs of the modern world. Those policies seek to refine a system that was well suited to the last century, but simply won’t cut it in the future. It’s time for a fresh approach Our focus has to be on a much more personalised learning experience, one that brings out the best in each and every individual. No two people are built exactly the same so we should stop forcing the education system to treat them as if they are.

We need to rebuild an educational environment that is characterised by high levels of trust, ongoing opportunities for professionals working within the system to engage in professional development and access the kind of support they need to thrive, and a much closer connection between the education system and the other social services that impact on citizens’ ability to participate in it. Labour’s way forward The Labour Party will continue to champion a free public education system that provides all New Zealanders with lifelong learning opportunities so that they can reach their full potential. 21st Century Learning: Focusing on learning that is relevant to the lives that New Zealanders are living today, the technology they will interact with, and the types of skills that will provide them with the opportunities to thrive in all aspects of their lives. Learners at the Centre Education in the 21st century looks quite different to the way it did when many of us went through the system.

New Zealanders with the types of skills and dispositions they will need to thrive in the modern economy and society. Strong Foundations: Supporting children by supporting parents Throughout childhood, parents are often our greatest teachers. Yet increasingly many parents are struggling to balance their parenting with their commitments to paid employment. Labour wants to ensure that parents have more choices. Quality early childhood education Children who participate in quality early childhood education enjoy the benefits throughout the rest of their lives. They do better at school, in tertiary education, and when they enter the workforce.